Do You Spend More Time In Love Or Fear? How Peace & Calming Communicates With Your Body

For me, changing a limiting belief or emotion has taken time.  While working towards this goal, it requires me to be fully conscious in choosing a more positive direction.  In order for me to do this, I’ve had to create harmonious body activities that support a shift towards manifesting a life change.

My use of essential oils is one of the body activities I’ve chosen that is working so well.  Essential oils speak to my body at a high frequency (MHz), which is what they are meant to do.

Did you know that your thoughts have an effect on your body’s electrical frequency?   One thing I’ve learned from using Young Living essential oils, is that a negative thought lowers a measured frequency and a positive thought raises it by 10MHz.  My Peace & Calming essential oil carries a frequency of 105MHz.  This is obviously why I am gaining such benefit from this practice.

These oils have helped me conquer some compelling challenges that I’ve faced with family and friends.  They’ve opened the doorway to a more functional, stable life.  And, more importantly, they’ve provided a great deal of balance to my meditation practice.

Today’s exercise using Peace & Calming oil is to work on the emotion of “being scared”.  Peace & Calming oil can move you from this negative emotion to a more positive emotion of “being safe”*.

Body Alarm Point

Location of Body Alarm Point



Esophagus 2 points on the inside of each rib bone, 1” below breasts; also found on the inside (thin line) of either foot right above the stomach alarm point and right below your bunion area

I am still


Other uses for this great oil are:

  • Anxiety/stress — Mix a few drops of Peace & Calming or lavender oils in a bath with epsom salts.  It can also be applied to the bottoms of your feet and the tops of your shoulders.
  • Insomnia — Apply a 2-3 drops of Peace & Calming oil to the bottoms of feet before bed.  Lavender or Valor oils may also be used for this purpose.
  • Have a little ADD/ADHD?  Try inhaling Peace & Calming or Valor oil and also apply to the bottoms of your feet as needed.

I’ll see you right back here tomorrow for my Blogtalk Friday.  Until then, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.

*Carolyn Mein, Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils
(This article is in no way a substitute for advice from a medical professional. Use caution with essential oils as some of them can irritate the skin. This author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. This author makes no claims for any medical benefits of this program. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters. Copyright in this document belongs to this author.)

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