We Are Not In The Physical World, The Physical World Is In Us – Do You Believe Consciousness Is Your Reality?

I follow a great organization called Bigthink.  They are a knowledge forum made up of fellows, guests speakers and top thinkers who move above and beyond all the random information found online.

They offer real knowledge and distill big ideas floating around from business executives, life coaches, scientists, physicists or academicians, just to name a few.  Big Think is all about how new ideas will change our world.

I’ve followed them on Twitter for some time and I also receive their newsletter.  I praise their efforts at sharing unique facts from many areas including art and culture, science, belief, environment, to truth and justice.  They offer hope for new discoveries, especially ones that interest me in the area of quantum physics and epi-genetics.

Today I’d like to share a tidbit of information presented by Deepak Chopra, a medical doctor and writer of spirituality and mind/body medicine.

Deepak shares the following in this Big Think video:

  • We are not in the physical world, the physical world is within us.
  • There is a deeper domain of consciousness that conceives, governs and constructs everything we call physical reality.
  • We create the physical world when we perceive, experience and imagine it.

Deepak asks questions like:

  • How do you experience a color, red, blue, orange or gray?
  • Where does it become physical reality that makes red, red and blue, blue?

Chopra states that consciousness is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, feelings, social interactions and for the environment we find ourselves in.  It’s our reality.

Spend a few moments using outside-of-the-box thinking to grasp Chopra’s message on consciousness, and dig deep to find out how knowing just a bit more about consciousness affects your life today.

I’ll see you all right back here tomorrow and I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.

(This author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. This author makes no claims for any medical benefits of this program. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters.  Copyright in this document belongs to this author.)

12 Responses to We Are Not In The Physical World, The Physical World Is In Us – Do You Believe Consciousness Is Your Reality?

  1. Rula Mazigi says:

    Indeed, if consciousness itself is the very field of energy or “No thing” from which “Every thing” pours forth, then the existence and purpose of humanity on this Earth seems to have almost entirely escaped us as we become more deeply entrenched in our external roles as physical manifestations and fail to tap into the nameless depth of consciousness which we ARE and from which all Life emanates and vibrates. Very nice video. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Rula Mazigi says:

    As for the question, “Do you believe consciousness is your Reality?” – I suppose that if one answers conceptually based on intellectual understanding then one’s reality is bound by one’s relative view of the world through the conditioned mind (a fraction of the totality of consciousness). That is, one does not see the world consciously, but unconsciously/subconsciously, thereby rendering the world a mere projection or image which reflects one’s own mental projection of one’s self.

    Objectively, Truth is ONE. If Truth is that consciousness itself is the unifying field of existence then this Truth remains whether manifested or not, whether realized or not.

    If the very existence of a manifested consciousness and its observing eye causes an object (reality) to exist, then consciousness itself must exist at two levels, ZERO and ONE. No thing and thing. Unmanifest and Manifest. The question is, does ONE realize it is actually ZERO? Can manifest be conscious of the unmanifest? Can ‘thing’ ever KNOW the meaning of “no thing”? If so, how? Can “thing” use “thing/thought” to realize “no thing?”

    So, is consciousness “my” personal reality? If my reality is personal then how can I ever claim true consciousness/awareness?

  3. Rocco Moitisi says:

    Here’s my thought on it,
    one and zero is part of the same coin,the birth of reality comes about when the coin creates a mirror in itself, the game begins.

  4. Rula Mazigi says:

    Zero and One represent Nothing and Something.

    What is the coin?

    “the coin creates a mirror…” – is the coin, then, the active Creator whose No-thing-side creates the other Some-thing side by actively “mirroring” the Nothing?

    Or is the Creator not creating but simply BEING…already both sides in ONE? Thus, there is no creator nor a created?

    I suppose these questions are a bit irrelevant since what matters is BEING itself.

  5. Rula Mazigi says:

    You don’t do. You UNDO.

    • Rocco Moitisi says:

      Only when you think so, or when I think you think so, and on and on.

      • Rula Mazigi says:

        It seems to me that Undoing is Doing in the real sense. Undoing the selves that are attached to the thought of “I” vs “you” in all its fragmented forms and manifestations. Transcending the hall of mirrors.

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