I Am Blessed And I Am So Grateful – Thank You To You, You & You . . .

Why am I so blessed today?  I am blessed by two authors that have rocked my world by teaching me to clear the emotional patterns that no longer serve me.

Together with my ho’oponopono (Hawaiian problem solving process of reconciliation and forgiveness) technique, I hope you find the sources I provide as a personal emotional healing for yourself.

In the past week, I’ve been granted the rights to share with all of you the healing modalities contained in Dr. Carolyn Mein’s book, Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils and Karol K. Truman’s book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

I am so thrilled because I have found these two author’s techniques very beneficial on my path to self-transformation.

Before I board my flight back to Ohio from hot and sunny Florida, I’d like to share just a snippet of information from each book.

Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils

The techniques utilized in this practice aligns incredibly well with my recent PSYCH-K training.  Here is a quote from Dr. Mein:

“Let’s say you would like to feel laughter, but you can’t seem to get past the anger.  Knowing that anger comes from your direction being blocked, you need to change your perspective to see the situation from a different point of view, enabling you to determine your way out or the best direction to take.  This higher perspective is the spiritual component that provides the “way out” and allows you to get the message or lesson by increasing your awareness.”

This is just a small introduction in to Dr. Mein’s world of healing emotional patterns.  I’ll share more as I continue  sharing this enormously powerful practice.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

The “scripting” technique that Karol Truman has created is a powerful script to utilize during each emotional situation.  It’s simple and profound!  I’ll be sharing more of her script and how to use it in times of personal emotional upheaval.  Here is a bit of what Karol shares in her book.

“Unresolved, repressed and suppressed negative feelings are feelings you thought were dead and gone.  We do not get to “pick or choose” which feelings will manifest in our life.  Most people have a deep desire, and are searching, for peace of mind and the ability to truly love and be loved unconditionally.  Our experiences in life are actually our own state of mind being projected outward. We were programmed to deny feelings and to bury them.  We were taught to forget it, ignore it, it doesn’t matter, don’t think about it,  or, be quiet and it might go away.  Just because we buried them alive doesn’t mean they are dead.  They remain the source of our unresolved conflicts.”

Stay tuned for more information from these powerful modalities to well-being.  I have to quickly run and board my flight or my emotions will raise their ugly heads again!

I leave you all today with my very best wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.


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