Blogtalk Friday – Gregg Braden,The Gift In The Shift – Science & Spirituality Merge To Make A Heart Centered Life

Gregg Braden - The Shift

Start this radio show at the 16:08 through 38:50 mark to listen to Gregg Braden.

Good afternoon from cloudy, but beautiful, Orlando, Florida where the last space shuttle, Atlantis, just launched.  There is excitement everywhere – bravo to the USA!

Keep an open mind as you listen to my Blogtalk Friday series with Gregg Braden author of  The God CodeThe Divine MatrixThe Spontaneous Healing of Belief and his most recent book, Fractal Time.

CLICK HERE to begin the show.

It’s not only the new thought community that is thinking like Gregg Braden, it is many other well-known publications that are sharing this information about the world-changing possibilities.  It’s about how we treat one another as we move through this change.  Gregg asks us to give a voice to our time and to follow the changing rhythm and the patterns we see.

Gregg has traveled worldwide to offer this information about our need to shift the way we think after we look at the facts.  I’m fascinated with Gregg’s writing and research as I am just completing his book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief .

What do you do to make the shift?  Gregg says, “our individual choices become the collective answer.”

Here are some of Gregg’s questions to the audience:

–  How do we choose to live our life?
–  What kind of businesses do we support (sustainable and conscious)?
–  What is our media and entertainment choice?
–  Are we eating local foods?
–  What type of education do we support?

These little choices affirm or deny a sustainable society that cooperates within our new world.  Gregg wants us to remember one thing:  we are programming our future reality.

Happy listening and I’ll see you right back here on Monday, July 11th from sunny Florida.

I send my wishes to you for a prosperous and abundant day.

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