Are You Emotionally Free? See What Dr. Judith Orloff Says – I’m A 21, What Are You?

I’ve been listening to an audio program by Dr. Judith Orloff called Emotional Freedom.  Dr. Orloff has provided a vast amount of information about obtaining emotional freedom.  Are you interested in tools and techniques to gain control over your emotions?

As you know, I am ready to expel whatever resides in the hidden regions of my psyche that are stopping me from enjoying the life God has meant for me.  I’m gaining ground as I exercise diligence in applying all the tools and techniques that I am presented with.  Not all of them work for me, but I won’t know which ones work until I practice each one of them and I see measurable improvement.

To master your goal towards well-being and self-transformation, I challenge you to begin using many of the tools I’ve provided to you in this blog since January 1, 2011.  As Dr. Judith Orloff says, “whoa is me is a dead-end”.

Please take the time today to take one of Dr. Orloff’s quizzes (CLICK HERE) to gain a bit more knowledge about yourself.  I scored a 21.  Take the quiz and let’s see what you score.  I guarantee you it is worth every minute of your time.

I’ll see you all right back here tomorrow and I send my wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.


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