Round One, Knock-Out – Betrayal In Boise Idaho

Last Friday you’ll recall I shared my emotional breakdown at The Grove Hotel’s insensitivity over providing us a less than stellar room – a skybox with a Murphy bed.

I should’ve realized that this was just the start of a more ominous weekend of betrayal than I could have ever imagined.

Evil swoops in on self-transformers, religious converts, and rehabilitated addicts. It challenges our renewed approach to life zingers that used to take us down like the quick one round knock-out in the ring.

Many of us have worked long and hard to change our behaviors to these challenges. But sometimes things happen that provide us a wake-up call to things staring us right in the face.

I’m one of those good people working on transforming my emotions and freeing my soul through getting in touch with the world within and around me.

My focus on my emotional responses to such harsh invasions in my life is helping me to see the gifts that God has blessed me with.

I’ve been working on these God-given gifts so much, that I’ve finally realized I can’t control other peoples abuses towards me, but I can control my response.

My most recent one-round knock-out was resigning myself to the fact that those closest to us become the one’s that hurt us the most.

It’s kind of like Debbie Ford’s teaching about our own dark shadows lurking within – full of deceit. What causes this deception and greed to emerge and make “good people do bad things”.

And let’s talk about Sonia Choquette’s advice to listen to our dreams for answers – they always tell the truth and are often pre-cognitive warnings about things to come. Once again, I failed to listen and my dream stood staring back at me.

Betrayal comes in many forms, but the one’s that take their toll are the one’s that hurt others while claiming “it meant nothing”.

A one weekend of fluttering hearts, gawks of love, and many one line come-on’s, wreak damage and are sad attempts at self-gratification.

For now, I’ll move on and practice seeing reality for what it is. I’ll accept no more “it meant nothing”, and I’ll do a better job at recognizing other people’s motives – especially those closest to me.

Good-bye Boise! I won’t be visiting you anytime soon as I won’t be allowing anyone to take advantage of my kindness.

To move forward, I must forgive and practice what I preach – creating a new reality moment to moment – while I’m making changes to my life.

God bless you all and I wish you a prosperous and abundant day.


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