The Grove Hotel – Past Life Surfacing?

I’m skipping Blogtalk Friday today in favor of a very strange emotional upheaval that has knocked my socks off.  In my out-of-the-box way, let me explain.

Could it be that I’ve experienced a traumatic event in Boise, Idaho in a past life?

We arrived in Boise, Idaho yesterday to attend my husband’s high school class reunion.  We checked into the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise, but to our surprise, a reservation that he made months ago was null and void.

It became null and void because of other convention attendees desire to stay an extra night.  We were bumped to a hospitality suite with a Murphy bed overlooking Qwest Arena!  Let me remind you that a hospitality suite is equivalent to sleeping in a baseball stadium private suite overlooking the field and the fans below.  Thank goodness there wasn’t anything going on in the stadium this evening.

The other part to this debacle was the fact that before I entered the hotel, I felt a heavy, dark sense about my surroundings.  I’m not sure where it came from, but it happened.  The feeling became even more heavy when we found out about our unfortunate sleeping situation. This is where Guest Services jumped in.

When Guest Services stuck the card in the door to our room, a whiff of emotional tyranny overcame me.  We walked into the room and I was aghast at our surroundings.  I tried to overlook the Murphy bed and jumped over it to get to the other side of the room when this heavy, heart sinking feeling came over me.  I froze.

In my moment of paralysis, I couldn’t move, let alone make a decision whether to stay in this room or not.  I let my husband make the decision and we did everything we could to avoid going to the room until we were good and ready to jump into bed and forget about this nightmare.  The sad thing is, this is when my nightmare began.

I couldn’t help but feel something awful had happened in this room.  All I could envision were people partying and arguing; women being taken advantage of, and the power of some bigger force going on all around me.  I slept off and on and couldn’t wait for morning to come.  Another odd thing occurred in this room this horrible evening – my computer crashed!  Ok, ok, you all must be saying, “Is she nuts”?

No, I’m not nuts.  Ever since delving into this self-transformation journey and learning how to deal with my emotions, weird things are beginning to happen.  Thank goodness I have my toolbox of remedies to get me through these nasty events.

Jump to this morning – we were given an actual room . . . yea!  I immediately shooed my husband out the door for me to exercise some much needed composure. I knew he understood because he knows he’d rather have me balanced and composed, rather than moody and sad.

I pulled out my essential oils and began my personal magic.  First I cried a ton of tears, then I reached for my oils and stated these affirmations – “I am centered”, “I can do it”, “I move beyond my limitations”, “I am changing”, “I go to a loving place”, “I expand my awareness” and “I learn from all of life’s experiences”.

When I finished with the affirmations, I went into meditation and came out a new person.  The tears were gone, balance returned and calm swept over my body.  I’m going to get out of this hotel and explore this city of Boise to get some answers.  I don’t know what awaits me, but I am going to look for clues.

Have I been here before?  Was this a past life experience re-entering my psyche?  What could have happened? Am I feeling the remnants of something an ancestor experienced?  One thing I know is there is some connection to this city and I hope to find some answers.

For now, I send you my wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.  I’ll be right back here, computer or no computer, blogging my way to my future, leaving my past behind!

(Copyright to this document belongs to this author.)

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