Yosemite – My Experience At Emotional Freedom

As I was leaving Yosemite today, I realized that I had profitted from all the new emotional modalties I’ve spent so much time on over the last several years.

In the past, vacations always created these pockets of frustration when I would allow other people’s irrational behavior drive my emotional chemistry to heightened levels.

This year I used meditation, dream journaling and ho’oponopono. I took myself back to memories of my results from my energy massage, reflexology and essential oil treatments.

BAM! I was able to overlook, focus on the moment, and get intimately connected as one with everyone.

Voila, nothing crazy that anyone did could enter my space and affect my inner world. I remained balanced.

I sent my demons packing and I am going home with a very positive, memorable time in California.

Until tomorrow, I’ll be blogging from Boise, Idaho where I’ll continue experiencing greater emotional freedom.


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