Blogtalk Friday – Science & Spirit Are Merging – How Emotions Affect Our Body, Mind & Spirit

I know I’m a broken record, but I’ll keep saying it over and over again – we create our own reality.  Our thoughts adjust the chemistry of our body, which in turn ignites our emotions which makes our reality what it is from moment to moment.  We should clean up our thoughts and restructure our life!

I can hear you all saying that this is not that simple.   I would agree, but I don’t anymore.  Once you hear the broadcast message today, you will see what I mean.

Today’s show is with one of my favorites, Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution.  Learn from Dr. Lipton how our emotions, cellular memory and our beliefs about our physical realm affect our success.

Dr. Lipton explains that he wasn’t into spirit, he was into quantum mechanics.  It wasn’t until he realized that the definition of both spirit and quantum mechanics were the same, that things changed for him.  The definition of spirit and quantum mechanics is:

Two invisible moving forces that influence the physical world

What does this have to do with thoughts and emotions?

Let’s look at one example – forgiveness.  If we hold grudges and can’t forgive, it affects our body.  Every resentment we hold towards someone, affects us.  It may or may not affect the person who is the center of our unforgiving attention, but it hurts us even more as our thoughts continually stew and simmer over their bad behavior.  This thought draining effort begins to chop away at our entire inner self – nervous system, organs, muscles – until we surrender our egoic ways.

If we can’t forgive, it makes us sick and it takes away from our own life.  Rewriting our limiting belief to include forgiving everyone and everything, is to start to live in harmony.  Taking this simple step of learning how to forgive, helps us to begin to create a new, more harmonious and prosperous, reality.

This is just one example of creating a new reality; there are many more that I’ll share with you later.

CLICK HERE to listen to the show or click on the blogtalk logo above to learn to take your power back and create the reality meant for you.  The most profound part of this broadcast is at about the 24 minute mark, but you really have to listen to the whole 1-1/2 hour program to get the full effect of his message.  This broadcast is just the tip of the iceberg!

Until next week, have a prosperous, peaceful, loving and harmonious weekend!


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