Do More Than Survive – Thrive! My Tip For A More Peaceful Life

Meditation is my recommended first step to self-transformation because it allows our mind to quiet itself and clear all of the clutter that fogs our lives.  It helps us get in touch with our inner selves.

A consistent practice of meditation is the most precious gift we can give to the world and to ourselves.  Putting a solid plan in place to fulfill this critical  first step to self-transformation, allows us to not only survive moment-to-moment, day-to-day, but we survive and thrive!

Take some time today and do a little meditation, 10 to 20 minutes of mindfulness.  I know the challenge in trying to quiet the mind, it took me several months to establish a mindful pattern.  Don’t be discouraged, it will happen.  Just like the Nike commercial says, Just Do It!

Master Meditation - Step 1 to Self-Transformation

Mindfulness doesn’t mean that you won’t or don’t think of anything, it only means that you throw away useless thoughts of a friend who is giving you a difficult time, a boss nagging you incessantly, or a spouse who cheats on you.  Mindfulness merely means to get comfortable getting quiet with yourself, in the moment, only paying attention to your breathing, and listening to every sound occurring at that very moment in time.

Yes, thoughts about issues in your life will attempt to invade your space during this peaceful interaction with yourself.  When this happens, take that opportunity to shove those irritating thoughts away and return, over and over again, to focusing on your breathing and listening to your surroundings, and feeling your body.  It is a joyous experience when you reach the state of dealing with mindfulness.

I guarantee you that when you reach the state of mindfulness, inspiration will take over and enable you to deal with your difficult friend, that nagging boss and your cheating spouse in a way you never could have done in the past.


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