Awaken Your Spirit – The Power Of Asking Your Guides

I got up early this morning to do my daily meditation and my visualization exercise of my son in Afghanistan.  I always surround him with the white light of the holy spirit.  I also visualize surrounding him with angels.  It wasn’t until I devoured Sonia Choquette’s book, Ask Your Guides, that it occurred to me that my faith has never been stronger.

It took Sonia’s book to wake me up to the fact that whatever religion we practice, it’s important to believe in and practice something.  Anything that gets us closer to our Divine Source whether it be the God, Muhammad, the Pope, Buddha or Gandhi or whatever leaders or source we follow, it’s the strength and compassion for this Source that quietly carries us across our threshold of suffering.  What’s more important is that we recognize we have a huge support system within us.

I am a Catholic.  I don’t always agree with Catholic processes or preachings.  I’m not fond of the scandals that have befallen the church.  I’m not proud of the control the Catholic Church had over its people in the early years of its teachings, but I’m proud to be a Catholic.  My Divine Source is what gets me through my days and, with Sonia’s help, she’s awakened my spirit to return to my religious roots.

It wasn’t until I was reminded about our archangels roles that Sonia speaks about in this book, that I was unaware that I’ve always followed these illusory characters and they’ve never let me down.  I’ve had them with me without acknowledging their presence.  I even keep archangel Michael in my home for protection.  Sonia has reminded me to be more respectful of the jobs theses archangels do for me.

Let’s cover these archangels as Sonia does in her book, and let’s see if you recall a similar teaching from your childhood.

There are seven archangels as Sonia explains.  She shares that all of these archangels names end in “el” which means “shining being” in Hebrew.  I will list them below as Sonia shared, along with their major functions in supporting our goals and producing great energies within us when we call upon them for help.

  1. Michaelpatron of protection and love; he rids the world of toxins associated with fear
  2. Gabrielgoverns the emotions; she calms our doubts and boosts our confidence and finds our true calling
  3. Raphaelmind, body and spirit healing; boosts our creativity and heals us from physical, emotional and mental pain
  4. Urielpatron of music; he brings us warnings and helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters and earth changes
  5. Ragueloversees all other archangels; he helps to resolve arguments and bring harmony in groups and families
  6. Sarielkeeps things in order; decides the fate of angels
  7. Remielangel of hope; gives us true divine vision and escorts us to heaven

Although some may dispute the order, definition, names, and magnitude of the power of the seven archangels listed above, they can’t dispute the power we obtain from personally connecting to these figures.

Try this exercise as Sonia spells out in her book; call upon any of the archangels above based on your needs by chanting their names slowly this way:

breathe – slowly and say Michael – breathe and rest
breathe – slowly and say Gabriel – breathe and rest
breathe – slowly and say Raphael – breathe and rest – and so on, and so on based on your need

Whichever archangel you want to invoke for whatever function they serve, try this out and see what miraculous help is provided.  As Sonia suggests, keep a journal and often reflect upon your day and the use of her techniques before you go to sleep at night.

Try it, you’ll like it!  Until tomorrow, and more of my out-of-the-box techniques to well-being, have a fabulous hump day.  I leave you for now breathing and chanting archangel Michael to you all, moment to moment.


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