Find Your Spirit – What Does That Mean?

Today in Rochester, England my message was ” find your spirit”.  I wasn’t sure what that meant, but there were scrap pieces of paper scattered around the parking lot at Fort Amherst and in Rochester, England (Charles Dickens summer home) that were littered and  kept blowing on the streets saying “find your spirit”.

I don’t know what the advertisement was about, but it was effective enough for me to get the message.

I wrap up my visit to England this weekend and I will be taking with me all the experiences that have come out of the blue to remind me that I’m on a great track to self-transformation.  I look forward to arriving back into the United States refreshed, refurbished and ready for enlightenment towards a new more peaceful life.

I’m short on words this evening but still very overwhelmed with the experience of history lingering in my mind.  I know that I will regroup when I arrive back in the United States and reflect upon my awesome experiences.

Until next week when I’m back on solid ground, have a reflective weekend and look to the future because that’s all we have.

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