An “Overwhelmingly” Visionary Day – Fort Amherst And The Historic Dockyard Chatham

I’ve been doing some volunteer restoration work at Fort Amherst.  It’s an old Napoleonic military fort in Chatham, England.  Its grounds have been used to film the movie, Sherlock Holmes, and a Canadian rock band, The Dandies, have produced a music video in the tunnels that are encased in chalk.  More recently, the fort was featured in Prince Williams’ wedding when they provided a 21-gun salute in honor of Prince William and Kate.

We followed up our day with some fun touring the Historic Dockyard Chatham where it is purported that Charles Dickens father worked.  Chatham is a place where Charles Dickens wrote many of his tales stealing the names for his characters from the local cemetery tombstones.

I was utterly overwhelmed today with history.  I was so overwhelmed that I needed to take some private time to work on my emotions.  They were elevated quite high and I turned to Carolyn Mein’s prescription for getting my emotions back in balance.

Once I was able to get to a private place, I searched in Mein’s book for the word “overwhelmed”.  Carolyn states that the other side of this emotion is vision.  Therefore, the main focus for being overwhelmed points towards vision.

The alarm point on my body that I needed to focus on and massage was my temple area.  I began massaging both temples while repeating the following, “I focus my energy”.  It took several tries, but I was finally able to calm myself down enough and gain some needed energy.

Carolyn Mein’s database of words, emotions and essential oils have worked very well for me.  It has given me a reference point to turn to that makes me aware of my emotions and beliefs at any particular time in my challenge towards balance in my life.

How is your balance today?  Are you emotionally stable and able to handle the difficult situations that send you into chaotic responses, feelings and limiting beliefs?  If you find yourself stressed and stretched, turn to Mein’s book, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils for resolving things we don’t quite understand.

I have one more day in Chatham, England.  Who knows what will reveal itself to me tomorrow.  See you on Friday when I’ll once again bypass my typical Blogtalk Friday in favor of sharing an experience from England.  Ciao!

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