More Doctors Prescribing Yoga & Meditation – Does Law Of Attraction Also Work For You?

Just like in the United States, England is encouraging their people to focus their efforts on yoga and meditation for well-being.  I thought that I would find an old-fashion doctor/patient service ranked number one on alternative approaches to well-being.  It appears that England is waging an up-front and center approach to this highly unusual treatment.  One piece of evidence is the numerous store-front locations offering these out-of-the-box services.

More recently, a published article about yoga and meditation practice being prescribed by more and more doctors as mind/body therapy is taking center stage.  I couldn’t be happier about this new approach towards well-being.  Prescribing medicine for everything that ails me has always been a personal challenge.

Another turn of events in searching for well-being was recently published about the law of attraction in the Huffington Post.  This article expands upon the notion that the law of attraction can work for us.  It’s author, Hale Dwoskin, gives a great 10 tip strategy to employ this much debated process of getting what we want by imagining that we already have possession of the the item or goal we are focusing upon.

Try a little meditation first and when you get comfortable with being mindful, move on to a formal yoga class to enhance your meditation practice.  I think that you will find, like I have, that we are the most important piece of the puzzle in establishing a responsible approach towards new and alternative practices.

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