Angels, Spirits & Saints – Canterbury’s Mystery History Runs Deep!

Everywhere I look in Canterbury, England, there are shops filled with books, trinkets and brochures talking about angels, spirits and saints.  Many of the gently worn bookshops are filled with books on how to recognize our angels and how saints were canonized.  It gives me hope that my belief that there is always someone with me to help in troubled times, is very satisfying.

Many brochures state that worship has occurred here for over 1,400 years.  The numerous churches, dating to 500 AD, also let me know that the practice of invoking our spirit guides and utilizing saints to intervene on our behalf is nothing new, it’s just an out-of-the-box process for most Americans to grasp.  After all, our history is so young compared to England.

Coincidentally, I have been reading Sonia Choquette’s book, Ask Your Guides, Connecting to Your Divine Support SystemSonia shares a vast amount of information about angels, spirit guides and the ministry of angels.  It’s an easy to comprehend book as well as, an easy, pleasant read.

Try this tonight before you go to sleep.  Breathe quietly and pay attention to the vibrations in the room.  Angels bring a sense of light, warmth, and calm with them.  When you feel a connection, say hello and ask your angel’s name.

Sonia says to do this every night before we go to bed.  She has never had anyone go more than 10 days before they’ve  had contact with their angels in their sleep.  We can’t forget to ask our angel their name.  She says to create a signal to acknowledge the presence of our guardian angel, and tell them we are glad they are here.

I couldn’t help but feel the presences of angels and spirit guides tonight when I attended an Evensong worship at the Canterbury Cathedral where the choir sang the service.  Their music, much like the solfeggio treatment I received, vibrated through my body and mind as I felt the warm rush of peace overcome me.

I’ll be thanking my angel, Rose, before I go to sleep tonight.  Sweet dreams until tomorrow when I arrive in Chatham, England with more inspirational history.


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