Cornwall Fogous and Lands End Site Visits – Very Transforming Experiences!

These bloody Americans are having a jolly good time!

Today I visited Halliggye Fogou, as well as Carn Euny, a fogou and an ancient village near Sancreed in Cornwall.  These two sites were believed to be spiritual sites from as far back as AD 400.  All I can say is they were awesome and a very transforming experience for me; they were also very difficult to find.

The stone caves were alive and vibratory; warm, cozy and, I admit, a bit spooky at first.  I had to carry a torch (English term for flashlight) to see in the dark.  My visits were emotion-filled and very inspiring.

After our visit to the fogou’s, we entered the land at the end of England – Lands End, considered the last and first place in England.  There was a lot of activity here with gawkers in awe of the beautiful shores, cliffs and caves that resembled petrified wood.

I’ll share more later about how my emotions showed up today and what I did about them.  For now, I’m in St. Mawes with a very slow internet connection and all I can say is, “the slow connection doesn’t even bother me”.  I am very grounded and balanced right now.

Until my next post, I’ll see you right back here tomorrow where I will replace my Blogtalk Friday with a post about my visit to Bodmin Moor and King Arthur’s birthplace.


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