England I’ve Landed! Things Are Not Going As Planned – Regroup!

Happy Monday everyone.  I’m writing this blog from beautiful Salisbury, England where I landed today to start my two-week journey visiting Stonehenge, Cornwall and all the sacred and historical sites in Great Britain.  And, yes, we are trying to calmly drive on the wrong side of the road.

Things haven’t started out as planned and my emotions and feelings are once again being tested.  I’m merely taking deep breaths, letting them go with the sound of “ha” and focusing very hard to remove the angry, exhausted thoughts my mind and body keep shifting towards.

If any of you have ever traveled abroad, you realize that our cultural language differences can cause pause to our reactions.  This experience has been a good opportunity for me to use my emotional patience and really think about my response to avoid the tiniest miscommunication.  Where a car park is a parking lot, a yield sign is a give way and a dual carriageway is a divided highway, I think you all know what I mean.

The term I love to hear is the word “brilliant”.  This term is used if someone loves the recommendation you just made.  I’ve been called brilliant several times today and those experiences clearly outweigh the bad.

When we arrived at Webster’s Bed & Breakfast, our host showed me our room and our suite (bathroom) and told us to have a great day.  I was being bombarded with words and terms and slang that I had quickly forgotten about during my earlier trips to Europe.

Well, here’s my British version of what happened to us today on our way to visit Stonehenge.

We were driving down the motorway (freeway) in our saloon (sedan) with a full tank of petrol (gas) passing every juggernaut (18 wheeler) on the motorway and under the flyovers (overpasses).  Suddenly our automobile (car) began to swerve toward the pavement (sidewalk) and we realized we were experiencing automobile problems.  We pulled over into the car park (parking lot) and called our local rental car office.  That “bloody” automobile!   We gathered our stuff out of the boot (trunk), got a new automobile, and four hours and a lot of British slang later, we finally arrived at our B&B and collapsed in our bed.

Today my patience was truly tested and I am regrouping to gain back my momentum.

I’m spending the rest of the day being good to myself and realizing that there are no coincidences.  I’m not sure why this all happened, but I’m sure the answer will come.  For now, I’ll have to wait another day to visit the site I was so looking forward to seeing – Stonehenge.  It’s been there for several hundred years and one more day won’t make that big of a difference.

Good night from Salisbury and I’ll join you right back here tomorrow where I know things will be just fine.


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