Day Six: Karol K. Truman, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die – What Do Our Emotional Patterns Look Like?

In yesterday’s post, I talked about muscle testing and how it is used to get at the root of our subconscious beliefs that stop us from attaining what we desire. I provided you several steps to give you the overall idea of what muscle testing is all about.

Muscle testing provides clues to our beliefs, thoughts and feelings buried within our subconscious mind/body.  These beliefs, thoughts and feelings stop us from reaching our goals and we don’t realize what is really going on when our goal can’t be achieved.  We blame it on this, that or anyone in our way.  We blindly try so hard to overcome our weaknesses, but we simply can’t seem to get past obstacles that often get in our way.  The obstacle is our subconscious beliefs, feelings and emotions.  But how do we get to the root of these ominous beliefs?

Let me paint for you a scenario that I think you might be able to relate to.

Think about a time you were so frustrated that an errand your husband, or other half, or child had to run for you that took 30 minutes instead of the 10 minutes you had planned, and you were scheduled to get to another appointment within the same time period.  The longer you waited, the madder you got and you fumed as you got madder and madder at this person.  You begin to assign weakness tendencies to this person that they are always late or a consistent procrastinator.  You just can’t understand why this person can’t be more efficient and quit wasting your time.  You sit fuming and ranting and raving in your head about this person.  You believe you are right and this other person is wrong, how dare they!

As the person approaches you, with a smile on their face, you are angrier than a hornet’s nest and you decide to not even acknowledge them, but rather show them your anger by huffing and puffing – justifying your anger.  Your self-talk goes on and on about how this person should have known how angry you would be . . . over and over to yourself you say, “how dare they!”

This is one serious example of emotions of resentment, annoyance and anger that often, over time, can bring on illness or fester for so long that it will eventually bring us down.

Let’s stop the emotion and give ourselves a second chance at a healthy life by thanking this incident for occurring.  If we look at this incident as a message and something we were meant to learn from, we should embrace it in all its glory and move on.  Moving on means finding another outlet to discover our hidden emotions and begin to push this emotion out of our life.  One option is muscle testing; getting to the root of our underlying beliefs, feelings and emotions.

Now that you have a good example about what Karol K. Truman and her book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, are about, you can better understand where I’m going with this information.  I’m finding this process to be one of the more simple, eye-opening processes to achieve my goal of single-mindedness.  If you’ll remember from yesterday’s blog, single-mindedness is about integrating our left and right brain to become one, or a whole and to overcome these emotional patterns we have embed within us.

Tomorrow, I’ll provide to you a sample video of muscle testing done by Carolyn Mein, author of Releasing Emotion with Essential Oils.  The videos I’ll present will also show how she releases emotional patterns.

Until tomorrow, I remain full of peace, love and abundance.

(This author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. This author makes no claims for any medical benefits of this program. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters.  Copyright in this document belongs to this author.)


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