Blogtalk Friday – Release Trapped Emotions – Reclaim Your Power

Today we are listening to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s interview with Bigfish RadioDr. Nelson is the author of the book, The Emotion Code.  He says we spend a lot of time buying books, tapes, and attending seminars to think more positively and move forward in our lives.  This is great, but we become handicapped by thinking that that book, tape or seminar will cure us – voila! we are healed.  Not so, says Dr. Nelson.

Here are some highlights from today’s show:

  • Dr. Nelson talks about our emotions being pure energy.
  • The negative emotions like sadness, sorrow, grief, anger, fear, depression and despair, cause us the most issues.
  • Emotion of anger has a different frequency from grief which is different than sadness and so on.
  • During an emotional event, the emotion becomes trapped and lodged in the body, an organ, your leg, your hip, etc., that give us physical, as well as, emotional problems.
  • We choose the emotions we want to experience like anger and fear.  We can stop choosing a negative emotion in favor of those that are more positive and less negative – but this isn’t always easy by itself.
  • An emotion like “unworthiness, unlovable or sadness” once removed can return.

He believes there is a specific emotion around our heart that we manifest into the world.  Heartache, or pain in the chest, or heartbreak is centered in the seat of our soul, and the seat of the subconscious mind which is the seat of our creativity.  If we have heartache more than a few times, the deepest part of our soul doesn’t like that and the subconscious mind will put a wall around the heart.  The emotion code process releases these walls.

Our emotional baggage consists of these discrete energy packets in our bodies stored from all the situations created and replayed that cause these emotions to continue to have life.  These emotions can cause inflammation, disrupt the immune system and cause a whole host of health issues within us.  If you hear someone say, “he or she carries a lot of emotional baggage”, it’s true!  We all have emotional baggage but we don’t realize how much weight that statement carries.

CLICK HERE to listen to this interview or click the blogtalk logo above.  Have a great weekend and join me on Monday for DAY FIVE of Karol K. Truman’s book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.


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