Day Four: Karol K. Truman – Do You Love Yourself Or Are You Trapped In Emotional Turmoil?

Yesterday I shared my scenario of emotions regarding our feelings of “unworthiness” that began at an early age.  Today in Karol K. Truman’s book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, I will continue expanding on this information and give you a more in-depth meaning behind Truman’s messages in her book.

To begin, I will start with three unique individual personalities and characteristics.  See if you identify with any of them.  I’ll offer some advice that Truman provides to help us understand a little more about why we do the things we do, which she says, are based on our buried emotions.

Do you try to keep peace at all cost . . . let people use you as a doormat . . . or manipulate or control others in order to be right . . . always have to have things done your own way. . . or, continually experience chaos in your relationships with other people?  Whatever our issues are, we often have solutions for everyone else, but we don’t see ourselves as the root of our own problems.

Do you know people who live in a doctor’s office and have constant doctor’s appointments or have continuous aches, or pains, or, continually talk about their ills?  Karol Truman says that this type of individual doesn’t understand that the more they talk about their ills, the more energy they give the illness, the more it reinforces the illness, and the worse things get.

Do you know people who have a difficult time getting ahead financially and seem to always be broke no matter what endeavor they attempt.  They seem ever deprived and deflated in their life and it’s a challenge for them to find a good job; yet others with the same circumstances seem to get along just fine.

I know it’s difficult to take a magnifying glass, find and admit to any of our shortcomings; or, try identify with one of the characters above.  However, the first step to becoming aware of these plights in our lives is to ask ourselves – what are our thoughts and what are our feelings about ourselves?  Do we love ourselves?

Truman says that the most important law of the universe is the law of LOVE.  Love of ourselves and love for others is a goal that gets us back on track.  I know it’s not easy to love ourselves.  I’ve suffered this malady for years, but always displayed confidence and intellectualism; however, deep inside, I never felt worthy enough for what life had to offer me.

“When we accept ourselves the way we are, we increase our ability to change and when we start to change, those around us do likewise”, says Truman.

When I began to accept my shortcomings and work to identify them and change them, I experienced a profound internal healing.  This healing kept me in tears of joy for more than a month.  Awareness causes results, says Truman.

Allow me to quote a great piece of advice Truman shares in her book:

Getting our lives back in balance is what it’s all about.  We need to learn how to put our Intelligence, Higher Self, Spirit, Super-Conscious, Creative Source – or whichever we choose to call it – back in charge of our Be-ing.  Whatever we use to attain this balance, will come together faster, more solidly and be longer lasting and more effective IF we are single-minded in the process.  Until that time, for many of us, confusion will reign supreme, and the peace and joy that we seek in life will be evasive.

Until Monday, Day Five of Truman’s ongoing series, I will share Truman’s definition of single-mindedness and what our erroneous beliefs and perceptions do to create havoc in our lives.  Have a great Thursday and keep tapping into those emotions and feelings that keep you trapped in yourself.

Tune in tomorrow when I will share a great blogtalk radio series for my Blogtalk Friday radio segment.  Until then, peace to you and yours.

(This author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. This author makes no claims for any medical benefits of this program. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters.  Copyright in this document belongs to this author.)


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