Day Two: Karol K. Truman Says . . . Get In Touch With Your Feelings and Emotions

Ever wonder why you get sappy and tear up at a particular song?  Do you feel unworthy of  love or attention?  Do you think to yourself, “As life gets better, I wonder when the other shoe will drop?”  Do you ever repeat this saying to your children, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Many of us have spent very little time tapping into what’s going on in our mind and body when we are confronted with situations that make us feel that we are unworthy or we have to win at all cost; we’re right and they’re wrong.  In Karol Truman’s book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, she believes that everything we believe and who we are today is the sum total of all the feelings we have had to this very moment.  Do you believe that?

I do believe in Truman’s theory that we are the sum total of all of our feelings – good or bad and right or wrong.  “These feelings are inherent within us since before the day we were born”, says Truman.   She believes that an unborn child can distinguish very clearly between different types of maternal stress, and that they are more affected by the mother’s negative attitude during the pregnancy.  Karol also says that the father’s attitude during the pregnancy is the second most important influence.

Truman writes, “For nine months, during the incubation period, not only were we being created, but we were also receiving feelings and predispositions from our parents.”  If our parents were confronted with daily stressful challenges, difficult marital adjustments, financial struggles, family discord and any type of abandonment, we received the vibration and character of their emotions and feelings.

Truman says, “Every emotion we experience sends a message to each cell in our body.  The depth and the strength of the message each cell receives is determined by the intensity of the response to the message, and the intensity of the feeling that is connected with it.”  She goes on to say, “This cell memory governs our attitudes and beliefs which then directs our behavior from that point on throughout our life.”  No wonder I sometimes experience a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality!

Never fear, I’m managing Dr. Jekyll’s and Mr. Hyde’s emotions while I’m actively aware of each one that raises its ugly head every time that I react strongly to someone over issues or decisions in my life.  It takes extreme focus to dig to the depths of my soul and uncover the reason why I react to “hot button” issues or struggle with certain types of individual personalities.

Karol Truman has taught me a great technique to peel my onion, layer by layer, feeling by feeling, and make peace with my inherent emotions.  What is it?  The technique is simple and I will reveal it’s simplicity and power soon.  The technique is a powerful practice that I have combined with Carol Mein’s use of essential oils.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day Three of Karol K. Truman as I explore her book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.  I’ve only just begun!


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