Blogtalk Friday With Sonia Choquette – Intuition Is Our Most Informed Self

Sonia Choquette on "The Art of Joyful Living Show"

I am blogging to you today from beautiful Alaska, the last frontier.  I had another fabulous night at the Alaska Chalet in Eagle River.  Our host is a remarkably pleasant, intelligent, passionate and confident woman.  I highly recommend the Alaska Chalet for your next visit to Alaska.

The guest speaker for this Blogtalk Friday segment is Sonia Choquette.  Today’s segment is from “The Art of Joyful Living Show”.  If you have limited time today to listen to this fabulous interview, Sonia speaks from the five minute mark to the 37 minute mark.

Sonia has a PhD in metaphysics and shares that her family upbringing manifested her natural intuitive ability.  As a child, she did readings for fun but realized it was a unique skill.  She willingly threw herself into studying spiritual practices.  She says, “We have an authentic voice but we need mentors and encouragement to reposition our voice in our lives to be the primary one we hear and follow.”

Sonia’s focus is on our soul journey and how to bring light to our soul.  She believes our soul is our history.  Her goal is to teach us to get into the present “now” as she works with us to bring our gifts to our attention.  Her secondary focus is to work with our bodies’ energy to help us get back into vibration.  When we get disconnected from our internal source, we actually are living in a blackout which produces fear, competition and our inability towards confidence.  Sonia says it is so easy to, “turn the light back on.”  Are you ready to turn your light back on?

How do we turn this light on?  It’s about moving our intellect aside.  Sonia says we can reconnect with our intuition by changing our value system, which she states, can be very difficult.  Sonia works with us to turn this light on week by week until we make a choice to convert our ability to connect with our source.

Another avenue Sonia goes down is about the astral telepathic realm.  She describes this realm as the difference of A.M. broadcast and satellite broadcast where she feels people’s energy and negativity.  She believes this is reality and is the riffraff of the psychic realm.  She says the dream state is a huge resource for intuition if you know how to work with it.  One technique she shares is before she goes to sleep, she asks herself questions like, “teach me, work with me, reveal to me, what needs to be brought to life and where am I confused?”

Sonia says, “Start with the basic decision, verified by science, that intuition is absolutely natural – not only is it natural, it is actually necessary in order for us to live as full human beings.”  She continues, “It is our thinking heart and expression of our enlightened spirit.”  She recommends we read a book by Robert A. Johnson called Inner Work which is a book that works with our dreams for mining intuitive gold.

Sonia recommends her other books, The Diary of a Psychic and The Answer is Simple.   She recommends these two books as ground work that will answer many of our questions.  They offer workable practices that appeal to our imagination.  If you are interested in work options for self-transformation, Sonia’s book, Trust Your Vibes at Work, is a great resource into how to take intuition to the workplace.

CLICK HERE to listen to the show or click the blogtalk link at the top of the page.

Have a great weekend and I hope you’ll practice some of the techniques Sonia has shared in this radio program.  Ciao until Monday.


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