Do You Have A Sixth Sense? Sonia Choquette Believes You Do – Find Your Spirit

Today I’d like to share another conversation with Sonia Choquette, intuitive teacher, guide and author.  It is a video interview with Robyn Walker an Australian who runs a personal/team development training company called Unison Communications Pty Ltd.   Robyn’s major focus is assisting people to discover their own purpose and passion in life.

In this video Robyn interviews Sonia Choquette about her trademarked term, Sixth Sensory.  She teaches us how to create effectively through energy and vibration in our bodies.  Sonia says that we have a spirit that gives us consciousness in life.  It’s our authentic voice and lives in our heart and gets our attention through our emotions or senses.  We all have five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, touching, breathing . . . add one more – spirit.

Listen to this 2-part series from Sonia Choquette and find out why it’s important to sing, breath and move.

Tomorrow I will share more work produced by Sonia.  Until then, have a happy Tuesday!




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