Dalai Lama – Get In Tune To Your Emotions; They Are The Key to Peace and Happiness

I’m on the road again visiting beautiful, sunny Florida with nothing but gratitude in my heart and an enlightening book by the Dalai Lama called, The Joy of Living & Dying in Peace.

One basic message Dalai Lama wants us to know is that he believes that we should spend our life meditating on suffering and dying to face whatever hardships come our way. Why does he believe we should meditate on suffering and dying?

He believes it quiets our disturbing emotions. I’ve learned that my ego and emotions have been the result of problems in my life. I never realized that meditating on my awareness of suffering and death could help remove the emotional upsets I experience today.

This book, The Joy of Living & Dying in Peace, is about detaching from material things and riches in our lives that give life to our emotions. Dalai Lama believes that our emotions of anger, greed and jealousy contribute to our destruction and well-being. He says it more than once – our emotions are our enemies.

Reflect on and remember this quote from Dalai Lama, “Ignorance is the very powerful negative state of mind that induces all disturbing emotions. As long as we do not tame and eliminate the disturbing emotions in our minds, we will find no occasion to experience joy and lasting peace.”

To Dalai Lama, my basic happiness is dependent on you. If I want the best things in life, I should work on benefiting others. My goal is benefiting you – am I doing my job?

Stay tuned for more insight into the destructive power of our emotions, and techniques you can use to dispel their power.

Until tomorrow from hopeful sunny Ohio, peace be with you all!


2 Responses to Dalai Lama – Get In Tune To Your Emotions; They Are The Key to Peace and Happiness

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  2. Gosip Artis says:

    Gosip Artis…

    […]Dalai Lama – Get In Tune To Your Emotions; They Are The Key to Peace and Happiness « Moment 2 Moment[…]…

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