Healing From The Heart – Dr. Oz Got My Attention

The book, Healing from the Heart, “A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to Create the Medicine of the Future”, was a great read for me.  It’s a book written collaboratively by Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D., Ron Arias and Lisa Oz.  This book dates back to 1998 and ended up on my reading list in my quest for learning about alternative medicines and techniques to health and well-being.

If you’ve ever watched the current Dr. Oz show on television, you know that Dr. Oz educates his audience about the use of complementary therapies.  Some of the therapies, such as yoga stretches, meditation, music, aromatherapy, and reflexology have been presented on his show.

In the book, Healing from the Heart, Dr. Oz adds additional therapies that he promotes such as hypnotherapy, therapeutic touch, energy healing and soothing, gentle music to penetrate the subconscious mind as a person is entering surgery.

Like the HARA technique and tapping, this book shares the same conclusive evidence that energy flows within the body through channels called meridians with seven main energy centers, or chakras, aligned along the spine.  This book contains concrete examples of the use of the many alternative therapies and their results on the patients.

I’m convinced that the many personal stories in Healing From The Heart about patients miraculous recoveries shows that the unconventional methods of prayers combined with  thoughts, spiritual practices, Buddhists nirvana and more, actually works.  It presents more new avenues for me to share with you about other unique healing properties as you continue to get out-of-your-box and expand your awareness.

Stay on this journey with me and I won’t disappoint you as I continue to provide you choices to your own self-transformation.


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