A Week of Techniques – Technique #3 HARA – Connect with Your Power and Purpose

I have been focused on self-transformation since I can remember; maybe five or six years old – joking, not quite that young!

It has been so long, I can’t pinpoint my age when I became consumed with a desire to consciously experience the world.  My passion for self-transformation served me well until one day I unconsciously paid it no attention.  Too bad you didn’t know me then as you would have reaped the benefits of my stash of self-help periphernalia.

Since the Internet has produced access to a wealth of combined self-help knowledge, I’ve spent countless hours scouring, acquiring and practicing with information from the same gurus for insightful and physical techniques to cure my emotional ills.

Today I’m happy to share a practice that I’ve discovered called HARA.  HARA is the center of gravity in our body, located in the lower abdomen, tips of three fingers or 2” below the belly button.  Its literal meaning is “belly” and  a place where we store chi or “energy flow”.  It is the center of balance, strength, calmness and awareness that aligns us to our life’s purpose.  I was introduced to this practice by Deborah King, Emotional Wellness Expert and author of Truth Heals, on a blogtalk series from News for the Soul.

Think of HARA as a sphere of energy centered in your body’s midpoint region known as tan tien (pronounced dan tien).  Imagine a laser line extending from above your head, through your heart chakra, down through your tan tien and aligning with the molten core of the earth.

Here is a link to the best website with visuals that I have found that allowed me to practice and become more familiar with this technique – CLICK HERE.  In first practicing HARA, you may wobble a bit at the beginning, but you will soon become steadier with more practice.

What’s more fascinating to me is finding “The Young Independent Film Artist Community of Monterey Bay’s” Michael Buffo, actor, director, and body/mind counselor, who practices HARA for actors.  Michael became one of the youngest to be included into a community of healers in Los Angeles.  This community of healers is dedicated to hold sacred the mystery of the group experience to bring about the individual’s soul-driven transformation using HARA.

If you want to find someone in your area involved in HARA, I believe most shamans can work with you.  CLICK HERE and search for someone in your local vicinity.

Have a beautiful soul’s purpose day.  I’ll see you right back here tomorrow where I’ll share some tips and techniques from ho’oponopono (hō ‘ōpōnōpōnō), a Hawaiian, “inner child”, problem solving process I’ve used persistently for the last year.

(The author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. The author makes no claims for any medical benefits of this program. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters.  Copyright in this document belongs to the author.)


3 Responses to A Week of Techniques – Technique #3 HARA – Connect with Your Power and Purpose

  1. Thanks for helping get the word out about my school. I’m curious. What words did you type to find me? I’m glad that you did. You’re doing good work.

    • mmt2mmt says:

      Glad to help . . . you are doing a phenomenal job yourself! Bravo! I use Firefox and I typed in hara technique; you came up #4 out of 5,800,000. Keep me posted as to anything new you are doing, I’d be happy to blog about you more as I have a soft spot for the arts as well. Namaste, Chris

  2. […] out my blog from April 5, 2011 and April 6, 2011 to see my experience with tai chi and hara, another form of Chinese […]

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