A Week of Techniques – Technique #2 Tai Chi “Meditation in Motion”

I work with a shaman and I have found it to be one of the most profound and enlightening experiences.  My shaman, Kenn Day, has opened doors for me that I never thought were possible.  One way he has taught me to heal myself is to honor my parents and thank them for the life they have given me.  He’s taken me back to my roots and opened my heart and soul to discover a world I have neglected.

Kenn’s also taught me to focus my efforts on meditation.  One form of meditation that he uses is Tai Chi.  I don’t personally use Tai Chi but I’ve heard it referred to as “walking meditation”.  I’ve been told that Tai Chi fosters a calm, tranquil mind as well as affects the “chi”, a vital force that circulates in patterns closely related to our nervous and vascular system.

Tai Chi has often been described and written about as a form of moving meditation.   The goal of Tai Chi as meditation helps in the form of relaxation and healing.  I always recommend to others that it is best to contact your local practitioner to learn one-on-one with an expert.

If you want other recommendations or more personal information about Tai Chi, I’d suggest you contact Kenn Day at his website http://www.shamanstouch.com/.  You can also CLICK HERE to read more detailed information about the most commonly used style today.  This Atlantic Canadian group uses the Yang Style Tai Chi and has provided great detail about its origin and use.

I will be taking my personal meditation practices with me as I visit England very soon.  I’ll be partaking in lots of meditation surrounded by the great mysteries of Stonehenge and Cornwall.  I will be bonding with nature in a way that I only used to dream about.  I might even find time to learn and practice a little Tai Chi to enhance my travels.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I will share a balancing technique called HARA.  Come back and learn all about your tan tien (prounounced dan tien) which is a technique martial artists use to break concrete!


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