Blogtalk Friday – Zapped of Energy . . . Out of Alignment. . . Trapped Emotions?

Brenda Lainof and Amanda Butler on News for the Soul

Are you experiencing life?  Do you love yourself?  Are you out of alignment?  Today’s show is about energy, emotions and alignment.  This is another out-of-the-box topic that I hope you can embrace, reflect upon and consider in your journey to self-transformation.

Brenda Lainof, from Alberta, Canada, starts the show off talking about the Emotion Code.  The Emotion Code is a self-help program to remove trapped emotions.  This program was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

The show will touch upon your energy and how you can release emotional baggage.  Brenda shares the fact that we are being affected by the crises in our world today.  These chaotic events can take a toll on our energy.  It’s a lot like the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect, part of chaos theory, is where butterfly wings can create tiny changes in the atmosphere that can alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate, or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location.

Self-sabotage, along with physical and emotional difficulties, are caused by our hidden energy.  Like the butterfly effect, we can manifest emotional trauma and illness this way.  Emotional energy can become trapped in our body and this energy needs to be released.

Amanda Butler finishes the second part of this broadcast.  Her focus is on personal alignment.  She says that her process is to help people experience shifts within themselves and their relationships, careers and lives that will allow them to move forward in a more confident and empowered way.

CLICK HERE, enjoy today’s show and I’ll see you right back here on Monday, April 4, for more self-transformational topics.  Ciao!

People experience dynamic shifts within themselves and their relationships, careers and lives by being able to move forward in empowered and confident ways through the skills and processes

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