Mindfulness Meditation with Deepak Chopra – Master the Avenue to Self-Transformation

Hello from Avinger, Texas where I’m sitting smack dab in front of nature and mixing and mingling with the birds.  It is beautiful!

We are meditating again – my favorite subject.  It’s also my recommendation for our first step to self-transformation.

Last Thursday you heard a few videos from Deepak Chopra about consciousness and, he said, “Things come and go, but our soul is the ticket to everything we could ever desire.  Collectively we can manifest a totally different reality; a total deconstruction of the old paradigm and reconstruction of a new reality.”

So again today, I honor Deepak Chopra and my soul and yours with another “meditation to get further into the gap”.

Thank you to www.wilddivine.com for this inspirational meditation. See you tomorrow for even more meditation insights.


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