Where Science & Spirituality Are Meeting – Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Part 1 and Part 2

You know how passionate I am about using meditation for self-transformation.  As Davidji from the Chopra Center says, “meditation allows us to get into the gap”.  Meditation is such a powerful tool for self-transformation.  I want to continually share with you more information so you can transform from a state of chaotic chatter, to a state of mindfulness where great things in your life begin to happen.

In these videos, Deepak Chopra shares his beliefs of consciousness with a group at the Mythic Imagination Institute Conference @ www.mythicimagination.org where he asks them to turn their attention to who’s listening?

In the second video, Deepak picks up where he left off and asks the group to feel the presence of their own soul.  He says, “Things come and go, but our soul is the ticket to everything we could ever desire.  Collectively we can manifest a totally different reality; a total deconstruction of the old paradigm and reconstruction of a new reality.”

He asks the audience to think of three things that the alliance is all about:

  1. Self-transformation or enlightenment to go beyond our egos
  2. Think of one thing that you can do that’s not about yourself; what’s your song and how can you sing it that helps the ecosystem
  3. Building relationships, nurturing relationships, that’s all we are

Deepak will then go into a silent meditation and asks the audience to think of a simple phrase in their mind – “I AM”.

Get quiet, ready yourself and sit back and listen as we enter into the five minute meditation in the second video with Deepak.

Video #1

Video #2


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