A Message In The Street – A Shiny Penny from Heaven

Since I’ve become mindful of everything around me, I see messages in nature and through humanity and all those places we encounter daily.  Today I received a big message.  It made me cry, not sad tears, but joyful, lighthearted tears.  The tears softly streamed down my cheeks as I smiled.  It was a penny!

It wasn’t just any old penny.  I find pennies everywhere in the street, in shopping malls, church parking lots – everywhere.  This penny was special.  It was a 2003 shiny copper penny and it spoke loud to me as I picked it up from the ground.  My heart fluttered as I leaned forward to pick the penny up before anyone else could get it first.  Before I reached the penny, I said to myself, “I wonder what the message of this penny is all about?”   Then I looked at the year, it was a 2003 penny . . . let me share my joyful insight.

In 2003, things had been sliding down a slippery slope and I wasn’t mindful enough to know it was happening.  I was enmeshed in a web so thick in both my professional and personal life, it hurt.   I didn’t realize that I was in the center of this web squeezing me to death, so I ignored the message.

In hindsight, my clear messages were slapping me in the face and I chose not to listen.  Even through the daily drama we all experience; through co-created events at work and home as everyday occurrences, mine were speaking so LOUDLY it should have knocked me flat on my back.  I choked off the message and kept moving forward.

I think many of you know what was occurring.  It was my subconscious mind leading the way and my conscious mind kept pushing it aside not giving it any credit or recognizing the power it contained.  My subconscious mind took over and I was committing all the mistakes that only a subconscious mind could commit.  Mine was replaying all the tapes and recordings it had learned as a child about how to live life.  My tapes were so worn and tattered and all the grooves were so deep, I couldn’t get the scratches off of the surface.  They were there to stay until I reclaimed me!

"Stop the Tape!"

It’s been eight years and a wild ride.  I’ve willingly and joyfully dug deep to my inner core to unravel the noisy, erroneous messages I received as a child.  I’m so much happier today than I have ever been since I began to recognize my messages.  Even the smallest conflict doesn’t ruffle my feathers anymore.  I recognize them head on and I’ve learned not to react as I get into each deep emotion at the moment it begins.

I’ve learned to speak to my subconscious every time my emotions begin to spiral out of control and my ego gets in the way over a conflict.  I meditate and I combine terms that Deepak Chopra taught me to say in his book, Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul, and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len taught me to say in ho’oponopono – I say, “you’re not me; I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me and thank you” over and over again until the emotion passes, my head clears and I’m fine.  It’s a remarkable practice and I would recommend it to everybody.

As for the penny’s message to me – it is a very, very shiny, diamond sparkler, 2003 penny and it said, “everything is fine – you’ve made it; all has passed and you’ve been released from your web of entanglement; congratulations, your new journey has just begun.”


2 Responses to A Message In The Street – A Shiny Penny from Heaven

  1. ScreenscapeS says:

    love this post, Chris! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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