Blogtalk Friday – Intuitive Coach, Leslie Kleiman and Ascension Healer, Meg Benedicte

Leslie Kleiman on News for the Soul

This nearly three hour blogtalk with Leslie Kleiman and Meg Bendicte starts with an approximate four minutes of SILENCE where Leslie asks you to share in a heal the earth vibration and prayer.  Leslie asks us to send healing love and energy to our world and the people of Japan.  Please be patient and share in a moment of silence before we get into this interview.

Leslie will share with you a concern she has about an individual issue she is having with one of her clients.  She says she needed to understand what this message was all about for her.  She stepped back and felt she might not be honoring commitments in her life which in turn caused non-committal from others.  Leslie believes all of us should be citizens of the new age as co-creators.  She wants us to step into our power to change.

The interviewee talks about Japan and premonition dreams as wide event arcs.  What is a wide event arc?  The interviewee shares that she had a premonition dream prior to the earthquake in Japan.  However, she had the dream in what she is calling a wide event arc which was several days before the event happened.  What would you do – send healing prayers immediately or wait until the event happens?  I have these dreams all the time and after hearing this show, I now know what to do with the dreams that I’m experiencing – hallelujah!

Meg Benedicte, an ascension healer, shares her insight in the second part of this interview.  It’s about getting into unity consciousness.  The interview touches upon the vortex energy Meg talks about as “tapping into the natural rhythm of the black hole that creates live consciousness”Meg wants us to tap into this template around our own lives.  She expends wonderful effort and time working with callers in actively seeking help to change.

Be open while you listen to this unique radio program; try to get out-of-the-box and embrace the message – CLICK HERE.

I’ll see you right back here on Monday, March 21!


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