DAY NINE & DAY TEN – YOU and Cellular Awakening with Bruce Lipton

On Thursday, March 10th, Lipton talked about cholesterol, cancer, brain, and memory.  He shared his beliefs about genetically modified foods, the theory of morphic fields, flora and fauna.   Today, we will listen to the two smaller segments and the last interviews where Lipton will finish his conversation and share more information on how we (as children) lived the first six years of our lives in a hypnotic trance.  We observed and experienced things we were taught from our parents like, “I don’t deserve this.”

Now, as adults in our 20s and 30s, 85% of our behavior is conforming to “I don’t deserve this”, and, more importantly, how we will sabotage ourselves without even realizing it.  He explains that when we first learned to drive a car, we were engaged in consciousness and now we don’t even think about how we drive the car.  Our subconscious is driving the car.  He asks, “Did you see how you drove your car during your drive?”  No, our subconscious was engaged in the driving and our subconscious works when we are not conscious.

Lipton states that from 0 to 6 years of age, limitations are put into our lives.  He says, “If we can catch the tapes and hear them, 70% of the thoughts are negative and redundant.” He continues, “When we are not paying attention, our subconscious is the behavior we are expressing.  The fight is between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind that is controlled by other people.”

Dr. Lipton explains that many of us are told that we are like our mom or our dad.  It’s like we play a tape of our parents over and over again.  He asks, “What happened in our development before we became conscious?  He shares, “What happens when a parent finds their child is a murderer?  Oftentimes, the parents are shaking their heads at the murderer in their child at trial because this stuff is not in their parent’s reality and is often dismissed. “

There is a great part in the movie “What the Bleep” that explains how Magellan and Columbus weren’t reality to the Indians.  Since the Indians had never seen the type of boat Magellan and Columbus traveled in, they had no preconception of what to look for.  Once they saw the boats, it became their reality.

At this point in the interview, Lipton goes into karma and how it fits us.  He shares information about energy fields and how our life experiences can change our energy fields because we are changed from our experiences.  He touches upon a question, “If karma is bad, do we see it in how we look?”  His perception is that karma lasts as long as we are unaware of it, but as we become more aware, we can learn to run the machine, ourselves, to be successful all the time.

During the interview, a question is directed to Lipton about how he seems to have this joy about him.  The question is, “Is this something you have always felt?  Lipton says, “No.”   Lipton explains that when his transformation occurred, it was like two plus two equaled four and the fear seemed to disappear.  He realized that if we all could own the fact that when we realize our life goes on and on, there’s a certain amount of freedom.  He continues by saying that our mortal existence doesn’t end if we let go of the patterns that we’ve acquired through education.

Out-of-the-box Thinking

As in this out-of-the-box series I’m sharing with you, Lipton says that we need to step out-of-the-box and realize that it is our responsibility, and that it’s about us – you and me – rewriting the beliefs that are limiting things from happening for us. He further explains, “The problem is that what we allow in, is what we have programmed to allow in – negative energy.”  He says that we should surround ourselves with white light, and when we do this, our mind is right.  We then walk through this planet in such a peaceful, harmonic way that life gives us things from out of the sky!

We are now finished with this nine day out-of-the-box series with Dr. Bruce Lipton.  I hope that you’ve acquired another avenue to growth as you explore the fact that your hard-wired, subconscious beliefs and preconceived notions of yourself are holding you back from a powerful self-transformation.

I have received a tremendous cleansing from this series and I hope you have too.  From the looks of the response to my series, I believe that many of us are on a new road to seeing a new reality.

I say this to you – to create a new reality, we should REALIZE the following:

Realize that we can change our reality when we become more conscious and aware of things around us.

Realize that the store of energy within us is powerful.

Realize that we need to ignite our energy – get into it, and be who we were meant to be.

Realize that we don’t want to be like the Indians who didn’t see the ships rolling in.

Realize that we need to begin to look through new eyes and know that there is more out there, and in us, than we ever imagined.

Until tomorrow, stay tuned for more enlightening topics on our way to self-transformation.




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