Preempting Cellular Awakening Series for Peace Prayers for the World

"Peace and healing to our world"

I am preempting my nine day series on cellular awakening due to the events ongoing in our world.  I am dedicating today’s blog time to Japan and the Middle East.  There are a few peace organizations that I follow that I believe ignite our energies for the good of all.  I will continue with Day Nine & Ten of Bruce Lipton’s Cellular Awakening interview tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience.

Today I am writing to you from cold and snowy Winter Park, Colorado; ski capital of the world (so says my husband).  I am surrounded by the love and beauty of snow capped mountains where nature is timeless.  At the same time, I am well aware of the tremendous need for the healing of our world.

Please keep sending your prayers to the people of Japan during this trying time for them.  Check these sites to get more information on how our community of followers are praying for Japan’s well-being and the healing of our world, especially in the Middle East – Global Coherence Initiative, CLICK HERE and James Twyman, CLICK HERE.

I left this prayer in the event room of both of these great organizations:

“May we all ignite our greatest thought and energy for peace, love, and abundant healing for our world – Namaste”

Please join me in your full conscious awareness of the events occurring in our world and join me in sending our energy their way. Thank you.


3 Responses to Preempting Cellular Awakening Series for Peace Prayers for the World

  1. I wish peace to the world. from deep down my heart. There is no difference between us all brothers. each one has the right to live in dignity. There is no difference between an Arab or foreign Christian or Muslim or Jew regardless of his religion and language. together hand in hand to building and the establishment of world unity and brotherhood. And the elimination of racial segregation class. and sectarian. to enjoy safe. together for a better tomorrow. and peace

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