Blogtalk Radio – Davidji, Chopra Center University – Meditation Made Easy

Deborah King on the Lynn Pierce Show

As you all know, Davidji is one of my favorite teachers for meditation.  Today’s Blogtalk Friday is with Davidji and how we can make meditation easier.  Personally, I have found that meditation is one of the first steps to self-transformation.

Let Davidji take you away from the stress you are experiencing.  Prepare yourself to go to a place deep within you to tap into your unconditioned self towards your journey to transformation.  CLICK HERE to listen to today’s show.

See you on Monday when I wrap up Day Nine and Ten of Bruce Lipton’s Cellular Awakening.  I hope I am really stirring up your senses and would welcome any feedback on this out-of-the-box series.

Ciao until Monday!

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