DAY EIGHT – YOU and Cellular Awakening with Bruce Lipton

Hold on to your seats!  Today’s continuing interview with Bruce Lipton just might knock your socks off.  Sit down, clear your mind, take a deep breath and listen to Lipton talk about cholesterol, cancer, brain, memory, genetically modified foods, theory of morphic fields, flora and fauna (plant and wildlife).  To better understand the idea of morphogenetic fields, go HERE and try some online research for yourself.

Lipton On Cholesterol

Lipton says that cholesterol shows up after damage has occurred.  Like a stain, it appears where damage has already occurred.  It didn’t cause the damage.  Stress is the problem.

Lipton On the Brain

Like the internet, cells communicate in a variety of ways through neurons, via chemicals, by energy across fields.  Fifty trillion cells are in communication at the same time, and communicating with a common field.  In the body there is a central point of control – it’s the brain.

The brain of the cell is the skin of the cell, and the human brain is derived from the skin.  Our skin is the embryo and is tucked into the tiny fold that is the brain and the spinal cord.   All the cells have agreed to follow a common central voice.  The cells that comprise the nervous system that is the brain, represent the distribution center of information that is picked up by receptors of the body through our environment.

At a higher level in the human, the brain, after experiencing things, can write a memory like software.  If you experience a similar situation again and again, it reacts in the stored memories manner.  When cells in our body leave this community, it’s called cancer, which is like homelessness.

Lipton On Our Power

Lipton helps us understand how much power we have.  He believes in faith healers; Rupert Sheldrakemorphongenic fields and how we can influence each other in our energy forms.

Conclusion to Today’s Broadcast

At the end of the interview, the audience is being encouraged to call in.  The first question is on healing ourselves and healing the planet.  The listener asks, “what advice can you give us, and  what are genetically modified foods?”

Lipton answers, “Genetically modified foods (GMO) is new research.  It is now recognized that bacteria is in our gut.  These bacteria have picked up genes from genetically modified foods and it is changing our own interior flora and fauna.  Lipton believes this is not good!  Genetic engineers don’t know how cells work – it’s like Mickey Mouse playing with our genes.  Money drives this, not science. “

Lipton states that our physiology of the cell is controlled by our perceptions of the world.  There are two minds operating here – conscious and subconscious. One mind is putting the hands on the wheel to learn to drive the car.  When we are in consciousness, we are driving the car.

“We don’t observe the 85% of our functions and activities being carried out by the subconscious mind.  The subconscious is programmed by the people who taught us our earliest life experiences.  Our subconscious is operating our system most of the time, and it shows up from how our parents raised us.   The brain, at  6 years of age, is in lower activity and the child has to learn the rules that fit into the world.”

Today’s audio ends at this point.  Monday, we will finish this out-of-the-box series with Day Nine and Ten.  Our final day, Lipton will talk about a child’s environment from age 0-6 years old and explain at ages 20-30  how 85% of our behavior is conforming to, “I don’t deserve this” , and how we sabotage ourselves without even knowing we’re sabotaging ourselves.

Tune in tomorrow for Blogtalk Friday and I look forward to Monday as I wrap up this nine day series of tapping into consciousness and awareness.


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