DAY SIX – YOU and Cellular Awakening with Bruce Lipton

Yesterday we heard Lipton relay a story about a person who received a heart of a woman who was murdered.   The receiver of this heart was able to identify the donor’s murderer.  Lipton says that when someone takes a donor’s organ, they don’t just receive the organ, but they acquire the character of the person who donated the organ.

Today you will hear the interviewee talk about his daughter’s cadaver disk operation and how, after the operation, dreams came to her and she knew they weren’t hers.  She had known her dreams and was comfortable with them, but these new dreams felt like something else.  Lipton shares, “This is very much how stuff is downloaded into our system.  Add quantum mechanics to this biology, and it is now natural science.”

Lipton believes in intelligent life.  Do you? Lipton asks, “Do you think the organisms and single cells on other planets get the same kind of signals our cells are getting here?” Lipton believes that the organisms’ physical structure is a manifestation of the environment it finds itself in.

Lipton further delves into parallel universes – do they exist? Lipton shares that when he got into physics and started to look at things – like people – they act just like atomic particles.  He continues, “There are other alternative places that exist because they receive interference from other realms.”

Do you believe in angels? Lipton says that our fields of energy are always there and when we get out of our own head, and get into our intuitive sense, angels are there.

The questions above aren’t the only things Lipton ponders in this segment of the interview.  He says, “Our old beliefs (religious beliefs) were like we were add-on extensions to the planet.  However, biology says everything is connected through the structure.”  He continues, “Who we really are is not the physical body we are in.”  In the end, Lipton says we are actually destroying information about “who we are” when we destroy our environment.

Tomorrow, Lipton touches upon our ability to tap into our consciousness and do incredible things and how nature energizes us.  Stay tuned . . . explore more profound enlightenment from Dr. Bruce Lipton when we move through Day Seven of Cellular Awakening as Lipton taps into how our cells are intelligent and they make us, us.


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