DAY FIVE – YOU and Cellular Awakening with Bruce Lipton

Hello again and welcome back to Day Five of my nine day series on Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Cellular Awakening interview.

On Thursday, March 3rd, we heard Lipton talk about how 700 million years ago our cells started to come together to create communities and how they grew bigger with more intelligence.  Today, Lipton focuses on how the cells came together to support the survival of the whole.

Cells under a microscope

Lipton shares that a cell’s shape from its community is what makes a lion, a lion. The cells that made me, my dog and a chicken are the same, but they have different sets of antennas and receptors and how they relate to their environment.  He explains that this gives the shape of the community which he recognizes as an organism.  Lipton says, “A human is an organism.  It is a community that takes a shape and the workload is divided and distributed to create who we are.”

Lipton asks us to look into the future and ask, “What will we look like?  What commands will occur 100 years from now?  He believes that we won’t dramatically change.  He says that it’s not the evolution of individuals, but it’s the evolution of the community of individuals and the sharing of awareness.”  He continues, “The thing that we lack is that evolution won’t change us, but in the end, humanity will actually be the living organism and we are the cells – you and I – in a larger organization when the earth is essentially in complete harmony.”

Lipton believes signals are coming to our cells.  He asks, “What do you think is out there; outside of your skin?”  Lipton thinks we are living in a pulsing energy field involving chaos and fractal geometry.  He shares a story about a person who received a heart of a woman who was murdered.   The receiver of this heart was able to identify the donor’s murderer.  He says after most people take others’ organs, they don’t just receive the organ, but they acquire the character of the person who donated the organ.  Some people say it is cellular memory; if we look at the antennas on the cells of the graft, they are still connected to that source. As long as the cells are downloading that source they are still connected to that source.

After hearing this 10 minute segment of Lipton’s interview, tomorrow we will hear him talk about how, “if we get out of our own head, we can experience angels as we get into our intuitive sense.”

Thanks for hanging in there.  This is part of my out-of-the-box thinking series.  I am a passionate educator and I believe that we have many avenues open to us to experience what avenue works for each of us on our journey for self-transformation.

Have a great day and I’ll be with you tomorrow on this fascinating escape to reality.


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