DAY THREE – YOU and Cellular Awakening with Bruce Lipton

Yesterday we learned about how Lipton believes that the cell membrane is a processing chip picking up information from the environment.

Today’s session will show Lipton talking about what makes me – me, and, you – you.   He shares, “on the surface, our cells are a set of protein antennas that are unique to us and no one else.” Where are these antennas located?  Do the antennas give the identity?

Lipton states, “there is a signal going through our cells and going through the environment, and, they are picked up by your antenna versus my antenna.  We share the signals through the universe.  If you kill the cells, you haven’t killed the signal; it is on the outside.”

Lipton also shares that he thinks we come from a universal source, a God-head – a piece of the white light.  If there’s a heaven and a place of creation, we are there.  We can create anything we want.  He talks about how this is the evolution we are about to go through; we are evolving to a higher level of awareness.

Lipton believes that once quantum physics was discovered, everything changed – like crank phones to cell phones. Science changed how we evolved. Lipton surmises, “we are going from a point to where we thought the genes were controlling our lives to a point where we are controlling our genes.”

He further states, “when we realize that the life we are experiencing is what we are creating, then we have the freedom to let go of the enslavement and power structure as victims. The cells make us and they have technologies bigger than we can imagine.”

Tomorrow, tune in to another 10 minute segment that will shed light on who we are.   Until tomorrow, ciao!


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