DAY TWO – YOU and Cellular Awakening with Bruce Lipton

Yesterday we listened to Bruce Lipton talk about his research.  He suggests that our beliefs and our perceptions control our genes.  He says, “Our thoughts are like a government to a community of 50 trillion cells; but reality is that the living things are the cells that make us who we are.”  He continued, “We represent the collective consciousness of 50 trillion cells.”

Today, Lipton will touch upon our DNA.  He says that if we rip out the DNA, the most amazing thing happens; the behavior of the cell doesn’t change.  He says that the cells are not just sitting there; they are moving around and communicating with other cells.

In 1985, Lipton’s research went to the skin of the cell. He rewrote the definition of the cell membrane.  His definition is, “the cell membrane is a liquid crystal semiconductor with gates and channels.”  Lipton believes that the cell membrane is a processing chip picking up information from the environment.  He says the cells are picking up things by monitoring the environment through our nose, eyes, and ears.

This 10 minute segment Lipton ends talking about how our cells have a computer chip and the DNA is the hard disk that activates the cells and signals from our environment.

Tomorrow, we will listen to his explanation of how the surface of our cells are a set of protein antennas that are unique to us and no one else.


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