I Live The Law of Attraction – Do You?

I just realized that I am living, breathing, eating and practicing the law of attraction.  Wow – what an epiphany!  It happened as I was walking down the street in Key West, Florida.  Let me repeat that again . . . I was walking down the street in Key West, Florida – dead of winter in the Midwest where I live – when I realized I was the epitome of the law of attraction.

I can remember many, many years ago that I had spent many stressful days working a JOB, at a desk, with crabby people and political junkies.  I always tried to keep a positive attitude, which was often impossible to do when faced with people who wanted to make work life a chore.  I would gaze out my office window and dream of the day I would no longer be at a 9 to 5 job in a business suit.  I’m there!

Aside from the dues I had to pay to get here, not to mention all the awesome experiences I have been granted – I’m here.  I’m traveling and spending the cold winter months in Florida; waking up in the morning when I want to wake up; exercising or NOT; devouring every book on the law of attraction, brain science and quantum physics that I can get my hands on; and, I’m loving life.

I’m also doing what I love to do by writing this blog and sharing with you all the different vehicles that I’ve used to get me to where I am today.  It is something that I am so passionate about.  Practice makes perfect, and research and trial and error makes for a solid, sustainable transformation.

Next week I plan to spend nine days sharing Dr. Bruce Lipton’s (cellular biologist) research on cellular awakening.  I hope you log on and listen to each 10 minute segment of important information Lipton has to share.  I hope to try to weave in and out information from Dr. Karl Pribham’s (neurosurgeon) research on the holographic brain.  I hope you’ll tune in and share your feedback with me.

I’ll see you tomorrow – back here – for Blogtalk Friday!


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