Has Brain Research Gone Too Far? I Want Research That Works for Me

Did you see this story today; Scientists have created a real-life thinking cap which works by zapping electricity through the brain.

This is a new device, crazy headgear, and research that was completed by a University of Sydney’s Centre for the Mind institution in Australia.  The centre’s director is Allan Snyder.  This group is a mind laboratory focusing on scientific ways to enhance creativity and to instill the champion mindset.

From what I can tell, it numbs the left side of my brain so that my right side, the creative side, can move into full, creative action.  This group’s goal is to use this device so we can look at problems from a new perspective by igniting the power of our creative side.  It’s supposed to suppress habits and opinions we’ve developed through our life experiences so that we can see problems as they really are.  Ouch, so help me understand what really happens to the brain’s left side?

Sounds to me like I could be fitted with this cap, share a problem I have, and, voila, I can come up with some creative ways to lose more weight, run better, make more money, or get that new car, or buy that expensive house.  Since I’m not so great with learning to play a piano, maybe I can create a new way to learn to play the piano.  In my past life, I facilitated this type of activity with management teams using some very simple activities to get the same result.  Why would I want to use this cap?

I just want somebody to help me rewire my brain to eliminate the incorrect perceptions I have created through my life experiences.  I think I can do it without zapping my brain.  I think I’d rather read a book by Jerry & Esther Hicks or Joe Vitale. This sure sounds a lot like the illegal steroid use that many of our athletes have been convicted of.

Somebody please help me understand why, and who, would use this cap?


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