John & Mable Ringling’s Circus Museum – My Ticket to The Law of Attraction in Action

I was so excited today when I visited the John and Mable Ringling’s Museum and home in Sarasota, Florida today.  As I rubbed my ticket to the “Greatest Show on Earth”, everywhere I looked I saw the law of attraction in action.  It was stunning!  The phenomenal detailing of every circus character, wagon, animal, tent, car, horse, and millions of items created to showcase this organization’s responsibility to entertain America was magnifico!

The story of John Ringling was even more interesting.  Some say he was a dreamer, a collector.  He earned the title of the legacy of the Circus King.  John fell into financial misfortune after Mable’s death in 1929 which many say might have ended the dream.  Not so – John Ringling instead gained a new resolve to complete the museum, borrowing money as needed, knowing that it would perpetuate the memory of his beloved Mable. As I toured this magnificent property, I could see, smell and feel the law of attraction at every bend.

It’s as though John Ringling had written a part of the book, Life Unlocked, by Dr. Srini Pillay.  Dr. Pillay says, “Fuel your journey. To make it to your goal, you have to feed the brain. The brain’s reward system lights up with money, food or social reward.”  He continues, “While trying to make it to your goal, remember that a rewarded brain can be harnessed to perform for you. The nature of the reward matters, as short-term rewards on the way to longer-term rewards can help keep the motivation alive.”

Are you a John Ringling fueling and refueling your journey to change?  Can you manifest your dreams like he did?  What would it take to begin changing your thoughts and actions?  Your ticket to your show is awaiting you.  I’m inspired and I’m on my way.


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