Blogtalk Radio with Dr. CJ – An Interview with Clara McComber, Holistic Healer

What is hidden in your belief system?  Our bodies always tell the truth.  What you can feel you can heal.  Be present in your body, work with the ache, the pain, the itch.  Once you address these body signals, you can make some really big changes.

Clara McComber started a holistic healing practice, the Center for Radiant Health, based in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Clara shares that when we pad ourselves with weight, we need to ask ourselves, “what is it I am masking?”  More often than not, our solar plexus is where we feel things.  If someone says something hurtful to us, where do we feel it?  It could be the gut, heart or head.  If you don’t face each hurtful situation, it gets padded wherever you feel the hurt.

Some great techniques Clara shared are:

1.     Did someone hurt you today?  Get out a pen and paper and write about it – dump it out!  Journal each time you have a personal, hurtful issue.  Write it on paper and then throw it away.  If you don’t do this, you keep this issue stored within your body and your body will begin to suffer.

2.    Make a circle and name the circle the body part that hurts.  Use free association and just start filling in words within the circle to begin to uncover what is really going on.

3.    Your back – an area where you feel you  can’t cope.  You say things like “I need to get them off my back.”  Your body believes every word you say.  Saying, “I can’t bear it anymore, I’m burning up, I can’t digest this, he or she is a pain in the neck” needs cleaning up.

4.    Instead of saying “I can’t handle this”, write to your subconscious mind about it.  Instead of saying, “I’m not safe, I can’t handle the emotions” . . . say, “we can do this, we can handle this.”  Work with the body and cleanse it.

5.    Write out the issue you are having with your right hand in a question format.  Write, “what is it that I’m afraid or angry about?”  Let your left hand answer you.  This aligns and works with the left/right brain connection and addresses subconscious issues you are not aware of.

Many books Clara recommends are:

Listen and enjoy the tips Clara McComber shares.  Have a great weekend and please let me know what you think of this radio show.  See you Monday, ciao!


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