Can You Restructure Your Brain Through Meditation?

Yea, yea, I know, I’m back on meditation again.  I talked it about in my blog on January 3rd, 12th, 14th, 17th and 18th and I’m talking about it again today.  Thank you for listening.

Because I feel, if you are psychologically healthy, that meditation is a technique that can open up pathways to growth, I can’t help but share the research behind its truth.

Dr. Sara Lazar is a neuroscientist and researcher of meditation at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Her focus is on neurobiology of meditation and how the brain reacts to meditation.  Dr. Lazar has found that by practicing meditation that stress hormones get turned down, enhanced concentration occurs, focusing happens without the individual even actively involved in a particular meditation session.

The piece of her study that spoke to me was when she says that many benefits come from mindfulness meditation.  Here is a bit of what she says about meditation:

“Most of the time as we walk around, the little voice in our head jabbers away and makes all sorts of comments about our experience. We usually believe that the small voice is “me,” but Eastern philosophy disagrees. When you are really engrossed in something, like say a really good movie – the little voice will be quiet as we watch and absorb all the action. No judgments are being made, no thinking about how what you are watching will impact you. The goal of mindfulness meditation is to become aware of that little voice and step back from it, see if you can experience everything in that way, by just watching and listening, without getting caught up in what the little voice might be saying.”

For all the intellectuals or skeptics who read my blog and want more scientific evidence of Dr. Lazar’s research, listen to a podcast here.  See you all tomorrow.


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