What is Your Life’s Purpose?

On January 18th, Mabel Katz, author of The Easiest Way, seminar leader, keynote speaker and foremost authority of Ho’oponopono, was interviewed for Success Blueprint Radio by Lynn Pierce.  The focus of the interview was about how we create our own reality through our thoughts.  Much of her talk aligns very well with the law of attraction and quantum physics.

She started her path to rebirth by learning more through metaphysics.  She read books and listened to speakers of psychiatry.  She took metaphysical classes and she found a whole new world.  She shares that life takes you into a flow if you are open for the messages and receive them with an open mind, no expectations or judgment.   In her book, The Easiest Way, she challenges us by asking “what are we really willing to do to change our thoughts and lives?”  She further explains that “. . . millionaires are made at midnight when nobody sees what they have to do to get there.”  It isn’t about just changing your thoughts and, voila, everything works out . . . it takes effort and time and trust.

Mabel says that anger plays a role in feeling separate and alone; everyone is searching and we are looking in the wrong places.  She says we are always looking outside of ourselves but those things don’t make us happy.  When we know who we are, we don’t need material things.  We put material things and money first, outside of ourselves.  Happiness is inside of us.

There is nobody out there doing anything to you like the poor economy, your boss, the kids, your husband – they really aren’t there.  They are just a screen, a movie, that we see and we have to go to the projector and stop the movie from playing over and over again.  Choose to watch the movie or choose to stop the projector.  In Ho’oponopono we stop the projector.  Let go and let God.

If you are at peace, so are those around you.  Ho’oponopono is about erasing memories and creating an empty space where inspiration comes.  Stop the thinking and replaying of these memories and get permission to ask for them to be erased.  She always blamed people outside of her and never took 100% responsibility for events that happened to her.  She tells us to stop reacting to the problems and learn to erase memories and get to zero through Ho’oponopono.

Listen, click here, and learn more about this ancient Hawaiian problem solving process to change.  Let me know what you think.


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