Are You Conscious of What You Do?

There is the great, very deep, thought-provoking book I’ve read called The User Illusion by Tor Norretranders, a Danish author of popular science. The author proclaims that “People are not conscious of very much of what they sense; people are not conscious of very much of what they think; people are not conscious of very much of what they do.” If this is so, then how can the law of attraction work and do I have to do what those darn actors do by jumping in and out of playing parts of somebody else? I’m having a difficult enough time trying to find out who I am and what I want.

Let me give you an example of what I think Norretranders means. I recently was put under for a medical procedure. I wasn’t put all the way under, just enough to numb the consciousness that would feel the pain if I weren’t given this medication. My husband and my doctor told me that I was acting normal. I was continually working through my email messages on my Blackberry, talked and walked around like I knew where I was going -BUT, I don’t remember a thing! I woke up several hours later in my own bed and groggily asked my husband if I was alright. I wanted to know how the heck we got from the doctor’s office to home.

What does that tell us about our consciousness? Norretranders believes that when we are in this state, whether by hypnosis or anesthesia during the procedure, there is another part of the person my doctor was talking to who knows more than the part to whom he was talking to? Huh! Say that again. Was there another Chris in that doctor’s chair that invaded my body? I had to know more so I scoured Norretranders book to find out what the heck he meant . . . and this is how I see it.

Norretranders refers a lot to the “I” and the “Me”. The “I” was me in my drug induced state (my unconscious state that knows far more than what I know I’m grasping and can see, feel, hear and think). The “me” was me in my conscious state (doing my breathing, driving my car, doing my homework, mechanically following some routine processes, etc.). Can anybody help me find me!!!!! I really need to have a talk with this other “ME” so I can get some things straight. I want to be a rich, thin, smart, beauty of a woman . . . I better get talking.

Okay, okay, deep, huh? All I know is that I walked away from this book, still looking for the “I” in “me”, and knowing that I have to face the fact that I am far more than I believe myself to be; that I have far more resources than I perceive; that I leave my mark on more of the world than I notice. Phew, glad I got that out.

Now, if anybody can find my “I”, please let “me” go! Can anyone help me?


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