Inception is all about the Subconscious

I saw Inception, the movie, last night. Although this movie was more crime based than scientific, this movie was also about the subconscious and how memories can get in the way of our ability to change and move forward. It coincided with my belief in the power of my subconscious.

Maybe, just maybe, I should recreate in my mind the way I want life to be just like Ariadne did for Cobb when she designed the dream to free Cobb.

“I can insert this new creation in my mind before I go to sleep and, voila, I’m working towards creating my new reality.”

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to transform myself by talking to myself disproving why I feel and react to my reality in a distorted way. I can only imagine that it is because of some erroneous memory or experience from my childhood that I have made real. I’m movin’ on – upwards and onwards – how about you?


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