Exercising to Get More in Touch with your Subconscious Mind

It is said that the subconscious mind is a phenomena where our automatic skill base resides (things we’ve learned to do so well and so automatically), where our perceptions ingrained over our lifetime are stored, and where our unconscious thoughts from our experiences from childhood are buried.

Your subconscious is a repository of memories. Many believe our memories from our ancestors are stored here and passed on to each of us, only to be hidden and not revealed until called upon prompted by some event or incident. Have you ever experienced an aha moment when you’ve had a problem, stewed over it, and then forgot about it only to have the solution arise at an odd moment several hours or days later? How do you explain that? This information is stored somewhere very deep within us and is ripe for the picking whenever we need it to assist us.

To begin to develop a more intimate and loving relationship with our subconscious, we have to learn to talk softly, gently, and repeatedly to ourselves to cure or gain access to this part of our being that we aren’t consciously aware of. We need to create a mental physical fitness program to address this golden opportunity for lasting change. We have to learn to take recesses in our day, just like we did when we were kids in elementary school. We must learn to quiet the mind and learn to meditate. Any individual that is willing to spend the time it takes to focus on this gem called our subconscious, is able to begin to reap greater rewards than they could ever imagine.

Let’s continue our evening exercise and add this new one tomorrow. Meditating is a skill and takes time to develop. Herbert Benson, M.D., from Harvard’s Medical Mind/Body Institute recommends eliciting a relaxation response with simple mental focusing like a walking meditation. I have found this to be my entry into developing a more focused, Deepak Chopra, type meditation once I’ve mastered this technique.

Pick a word or group of words to repeat to yourself while you walk. Some words you might use are ocean, love, peace, calm, thanks. As you walk, repeat your focus word to yourself in a rhythmic movement that fits with each step and with your breathing pattern. It works like this – on the left foot say “calm” and the right foot say “peace”, left foot say “calm” and again right foot say “peace” until you have developed a rhythmic pattern with each step and your breathing pattern.

This should be easy to use anywhere; we walk around our homes, our neighborhoods, on a treadmill or a track. Do this everyday as this will be a building block toward developing true, deep meditation later. Oh, and don’t forget – “before you go to sleep every night, think of good feeling things; anything that makes you smile; memories that make you happy. “


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