Your Subconscious Mind

I hope you tried your simple evening exercise and continue to practice this every night until it becomes a habit.

Did you know that the subconscious mind is just like your computer and it stores tons of information? Did you know it stores all the memory of everything you’ve done in your life and buries it deep within? I know I’m being very simplistic here; it is actually the easiest example I have to share with you the power of your subconscious. Like a computer, you can also use the delete key to erase things you’d rather not keep. But, also like a computer, this stuff is so deep in your mind that you have to know where to go to delete it and overwrite it.

While working on my master’s degree in education, I was so interested in the workings of the brain and how I could help others learn more quickly. I always wondered, “if only I knew more about how the brain worked, I could become a genius educator”. I studied the neurons, synapses, dendrites and other peculiar places in our brain that only a true professional, not me, could speak about in more depth. All I knew was that I was fascinated with this powerful organ. What I didn’t know was that I was on to something more powerful than I could grasp. If only I would have stayed on course.

I left that burning desire (and my love for Anthony Robbins and Neuro Linguistic Programming) behind once I received my graduate degree and I didn’t realize the impact that it would have on my life going forward. We all live with “if only”; I now vow to not retreat to “if only”. I’m back on track and ready to share many of the powers WE ALL HAVE within ourselves to change our reality.

Many of these powers come through practice, meditation, experience and more. The . . . and more . . . is because I’m learning new things everyday about the subconscious mind and body. For now, let’s just get comfortable with the simplistic knowledge that our subconscious mind has more power over our reality than we know. Continue your evening exercise – “before you go to sleep every night, think of good feeling things; anything that makes you smile; memories that make you happy. “ Stay tuned . . . more to come.


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